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What You Need to Know About Choosing Pool Lighting - TMC Custom Pools

Every well-designed pool should be illuminated. Lighting up your pool area allows you to enjoy a relaxing swim in the evening. Pool lights are an essential safety feature that can help prevent accidents. They also serve a decorative function. Talk to your pool contractor about renovating your pool to install or upgrade your lighting features.

Locations of Pool Lights

The pool contractor can give you some suggestions for the ideal placement of your new lights. Of course, you’ll want to illuminate the walking areas around your pool. You may also want to install underwater lights inside the pool itself, particularly if you have decorative tile you’d like to draw attention to. Think about the other aesthetic and functional elements around the pool area, and consider whether you’d like them to be illuminated too.

Types of Lighting Options

In years past, halogen lights were among the most popular used for pool lighting. These are affordable, but not energy efficient. Incandescent lights offer a natural light tone, but they have a short lifespan and aren’t energy efficient. These days, most pool owners choose LED lights. LED pool lights are very energy efficient and have a long life expectancy. Plus, LED lights are in a variety of color choices.

Special Features of Pool Lights

Before choosing your new pool lights, ask the contractor about the special features available. You might want color-changing LEDs to enhance the ambience. Green, blue, magenta, and red are just a few of the color possibilities. Some of the other special features that may be available include:

  • The ability to program your lights to turn on and off automatically at specific times
  • The synchronization of the lights with other water features
  • The use of a remote to control the pool lights
  • The ability to control the lights with a smartphone


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