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What to Expect When You Install a New Pool - TMC Custom Pools

One of the best ways to simultaneously add value to your home and enhance the quality of your life is to install a custom pool. With a new, in-ground pool in your backyard, your own personal paradise is just a few steps away.

Designing Your Custom Pool

The installation process begins with a design consultation. Be specific when discussing your vision for your new pool. Do you want it to include natural elements, like architectural boulders and waterfalls? Do you want to primarily use it for exercising or are you more interested in a relaxing, sensory experience? When you approve the final design of your pool, the contractor can get to work securing the permits.

Laying the Groundwork for Your New Pool

Established pool contractors have the necessary equipment to excavate the site in just one or two days. As soon as the excavation is complete, the contractor will install the plumbing and electrical systems. These systems are essential for the operation of the pool cleaning system, lights, filters, and pumps. Once those systems are installed, the contractor can place the rebar inside the excavation site. The rebar provides reinforcement and stability. Then, the pool site will undergo its first inspection.

Finalizing the New Pool Installation

Once it passes the first inspection, the site will receive gunite, which is a special concrete mixture. It’s used to create the shell of the pool, including the floor, walls, and steps. After the gunite has cured, the contractor can install your choice of tile and decking. After another inspection to ensure the integrity of pool, the contractor will install the interior surface.

Taking Your First Swim

By this point, you’ll be eager to take your first swim in your new pool. The contractor will fill the pool with water, and a specially trained technician will balance the chemicals. He or she will also program all of your pool equipment for you.


Let the award-winning design team at TMC Custom Pools and Renovations create your outdoor paradise. Call (520) 797-0168 or (480) 545-7665 to discuss installing a new, custom pool at your home near Tucson, Phoenix, or Casa Grande.