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Use These Dos and Don’ts When Renovating Your Pool - TMC Custom Pools

Renovating your pool is a big deal, both for your property value and your enjoyment. It takes an old investment and gives it new value and it can change the way your yard looks and feels. Know what the process is like so you can plan, get the job done during the offseason and pick the right contractor. Read on and consider these dos and don’ts.

DO Understand the Process

A pool renovation involves a few main steps. Your contractor will look at your existing pool and quote you for your design plan first. Then comes draining and demolition, followed by adding new plumbing and an energy efficient variable speed pump. Tile and deck coating are installed next, before taking on the interior and filling up the pool.

DON’T Wait Until the Summer

Summers can be excruciatingly hot, especially because we live in an arid desert climate. Since this is exactly the time you’ll want to use your pool, it may not be the ideal time to renovate. This is the same reason that you shouldn’t wait until the summer to see if your air conditioner still works. If you’re planning a pool renovation, do it during the offseason when renovation times are shorter and you won’t have to lose any summer pool time.

DO Research Your Contractor

Some pool builders and renovators are wonderful to work with and some are not. Don’t leave  your pool remodel up to chance. There are plenty of ways you can learn about contractors before hiring them. A professional company will have a legitimate website that details their services,  their contact information and their main objective as a business. Many also include testimonials from past customers.

Whether you need a new pool or you want your old pool to feel new to you again, call TMC Custom Pools and Renovations at (520) 797-0168. Find out everything you need to know about us on our website.