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Understanding the Role of pH Balance in Your Pool - TMC Custom Pools


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The condition of the water in your pool plays a vital role in its comfort and appeal. When you measure pH, you are measuring the concentration of hydrogen ions in the water, which in turn is a measure of its acidity. The pH balance of your pool will affect not only the way your skin feels during and after swimming, but also the efficacy of the chlorine you add to the water and the condition of your pool’s surfaces and features.

Chlorine Efficacy

pH is one of the major contributing factors to the efficacy of the chlorine you add to your pool. The ideal pH level for your pool should be approximately 7.2-7.6. When your pool’s water has a pH that is too high, chlorine is much less effective and your pool can develop algae or bacterial growth. Alternatively, when the pH is lower, chlorine is much more effective and you can enjoy a more comfortable and healthy pool. However, it’s important to note that maintaining a pH below the recommended threshold of 7.2 can have negative effects on the water as well.

Pool Surfaces

Maintaining the right pH balance in your pool is also important to maintaining the quality and longevity of its fixtures and features. When the water in your pool has a pH reading lower than 7.2, it may cause corrosion or etching on metal and other pool surfaces, which affects the appearance, comfort, and safety of your pool. Conversely, water with a pH reading higher than 7.6 can cause mineral scale buildup that affects pool surfaces and may promote clogs and other problems in your pool’s filter, pump, and plumbing system.
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