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What Type of Swimming Pool Is Best for Your Lifestyle? - TMC Custom Pools

Swimming pools are versatile investments, and not everyone gets one for the same reason. Pools come in many shapes and styles, and your decision will affect your property’s cosmetics and the way you and your family use the pool area. Keep reading and see what type of swimming pool is best for your lifestyle.


Some people decide to have a pool installed so they can relax under the sun, but others are more concerned with staying in shape. Whether you just want to stay healthy or you want to get in shape for competitive swimming, a narrow pool may fit your needs perfectly. Long, rectangular pools are convenient when it comes to swimming laps and can be great for seniors who want to work out without risking injury. If you like to stay active and refreshed at the same time, choose this kind of pool so you can get your exercise in.


If you aren’t looking for a pool just to stay in shape and would rather enjoy the water with your family, a circular or ovular shape may be more your style. Circular pools tend to lend themselves to games and family interactions a bit better than their narrower counterparts do. Give your kids a memory to hold onto for life by making a family whirlpool, or throw weighted toys in the water and have your kids compete to collect them.


People have versatile tastes, and there are versatile pools that can match up quite nicely. A freeform doesn’t conform to one particular shape, which means you can have a shallow end, a deep end, and a completely unique design.

If you’re not sure what kind of pool is right for you, TMC Custom Pools & Renovations can help. Please visit our website or call us at (520) 797-0168 to find out how we can transform your property with a brand-new swimming pool.