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Try These Great Water Exercises to Stay in Shape - TMC Custom Pools

If one of your summer goals is to get in shape, you may want to think about hitting your pool for an aquatic workout. In fact, working out in your pool can help you burn fat, build muscle, and increase your overall strength and flexibility. With a new pool installation in your backyard, you will create the perfect space for your water-based workouts. Let’s take a look at three water exercises that can help you stay in shape.

Swimming Laps

Swimming laps is a full body exercise that also has low impact on your joints and ligaments. If you want to get in shape quickly, you might want to consider adding a few lap swimming sessions to your daily workout routine. When you swim regularly, you will also build up your cardiovascular endurance, which will help you achieve your other fitness goals.

Water Walking

For people with limited mobility, water walking is a great way to tone leg muscles and build strength. In order to walk effectively in your pool, you will need to stay in a shallow area that is deep enough to reach your waist or chest. Wearing water shoes, you can gently walk or jog laps across your swimming pool.

Water Aerobics

In order to get in shape, you might want to consider taking your aerobic workout to your swimming pool. Water aerobics use classic moves such as lunges, hip kicks, and side stretches, to create a low impact workout that delivers great results. To get started with water aerobics, consider attending a class at a local gym or community center.
At TMC Custom Pools & Renovations, we can help you create a new pool that is designed specifically for your workouts. Whether you are seeking a dedicated lap pool, or you want to build a pool for recreation, we can build the pool of your dreams. Call our Tucson location at (520) 797-0168 our Phoenix location at (480) 558-7665 or our Casa Grande location at (520) 723-7946 to begin the design process.