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Top Tips for Pool Safety - TMC Custom Pools

A new swimming pool installation promises fun in the sun, all throughout the warmest days of the year. After you have decided to invest in your very own backyard swimming pool, you will want to work with a pool contractor to create a pool design that is both beautiful and safe. Educating your family members about pool safety will help you prevent an accident around your pool. Let’s explore the top three safety tips to keep in mind when you are using your pool.

Keep Your Pool Area Secure

A pool fence is an important addition to any backyard pool. When you are working with your contractors to create a pool design, you will want to include a fence in your plans. With a barrier around your swimming pool, you can prevent young children and pets from entering the area without supervision.

Create Pool Safety Rules

Before you allow your family members and friends to use your new pool, you will want to relay some important ground rules for pool safety. If you have a shallow pool, it is important to create a rule against diving. Additionally, kids should know that rowdy play is prohibited around the pool. Having rules will ensure that your guests have fun and remain safe when using the pool.

Install Pool Drain Covers

A pool drain is designed to allow water to filter in and out of your pool area. Since pool drains can create large amounts of suction, it is necessary to install covers over every pool drain. With properly installed and maintained pool drain covers, you can protect swimmers against getting caught under the water.

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