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Tips for Using Natural Boulders Around Pools - TMC Custom Pools

There’s a lot you can do to make your pool more inviting and aesthetically appealing, and the right planning can help you and your family enjoy your investment to the fullest. Natural boulders create a naturally luxurious scenescape, but the way you arrange and install them can make all the difference. Read on for tips for using natural boulders around pools.

Choose the Right Boulders

Using natural boulders to your advantage starts well before the installation process. First, you must choose what kind of boulders will look best around your pool. Use larger boulders to set the stage, and then consider adding smaller boulders as accent pieces to fill out the space. Try to stick to the same type of boulder across the board, so you can create a consistent design that doesn’t end up getting lost on the viewer.

Combine with Artificial Stone

Though you should choose the same type of natural stone for each of your boulders, you can also use artificial rocks that fit in with the color and texture of your natural stones. This presents a great opportunity to install speakers that are hidden in rocks around the pool. Then you can have a surround sound music experience without visible speakers awkwardly sticking out from your pool design.

Install Them Properly

Planning your design and layout is crucial, but the installation process is still one of the most important aspects to consider. Natural boulders need to be installed properly to create the design you’re looking for as well as keep everyone in and around the pool safe.


Always work with the experts when you want to bring your pool design dream to life. TMC Custom Pools and Renovations is a team of pool installation and renovation experts, and we can install your natural boulders safely so the job is done right. Give us a call at (520) 797-0168 or (480) 545-7665 today.