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Three Main Factors to Consider for Pool Placement - TMC Custom Pools

When you look out over your property, where do you envision your family swimming? Most homeowners would think of practicality and aesthetics first. However, before you can take your own personal preferences into account, you’ll need to consider factors like the slope of the ground, pre-existing underground features, and the amount of space available. That’s why it’s best to talk to a pool contractor before choosing the best location for your new pool.

Property Features

The pool contractor will visit your home to evaluate your property. He or she will consider the slope of the ground, which is a major factor in determining pool placement. Pools must be installed on level ground. If you are committed to the idea of building your pool in a particular area, and that area is sloped, then you’ll need to cut into the slope and build a retaining wall. This will add to the total cost. The pool contractor will also consider the following property features before making placement recommendations.

  • Actual property lines
  • Local building codes (easements/setbacks)
  • Underground utility lines
  • Underground septic system

Additionally, the space must be accessible to the pool construction equipment.

Pool Proximity

Most homeowners want to locate the pool as close to the house as possible. It’s more convenient for swimmers. If you have an existing patio or deck, then you’ll likely want to incorporate your pool into those elements. If you do want to set the pool back from the house, it should still be visible from the house.

Pool Size

Before settling on the right location for your pool, you’ll need to select a size and shape for it. The pool contractor must make sure that the size and shape can be accommodated within the location you choose. Consider how your family will typically use the pool. If it’s primarily for exercise, you might prefer a long, narrow pool. If it’s for the kids’ enjoyment, you might choose a larger pool with a whimsical shape.

The expert pool designers and builders at TMC Custom Pools and Renovations will help you determine the best location for your new pool. We have decades of experience building pools for families across Arizona, including custom designs! You can call (520) 797-0168 to talk to a staff member at our offices in Phoenix, Tucson, or Casa Grande.