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Teaching Teens About Pool Safety - TMC Custom Pools

Pool safety is an important topic, but much of the available information centers on younger children. Even if your teens have been swimming since they were young children, it’s still important to talk to them about pool safety. Now that they’re older, there may be new risks to be aware of.

Enroll your teen in swim lessons.

Talk to your teen about his or her comfort level in the pool. Let your teen know that it’s important to be honest. If your teen isn’t as comfortable in the pool as you thought he or she was, it’s time to consider swim lessons. A swim instructor can help teens learn proper breathing techniques. Classes will also cover important safety topics.

Sign up for a CPR class.

A CPR class for the whole family is a great idea. Not only will your teens know what to do if an emergency occurs, but the class will help them realize the inherent risks of swimming. This may encourage them to follow the rules around the pool.

Talk to your teens about roughhousing.

Roughhousing is one of the pool-related risks that’s more of a problem for teens than for younger children. Teens like to show off when they’re around their friends, and the behavior can get a bit rowdy. Remind your teen that no roughhousing is permitted in or near the pool. Be specific, such as by telling your teen that no one is allowed to dunk anyone else under the water.

Prohibit your teens from swimming alone.

Teens might think that the idea of a buddy system is a little babyish. But “Always swim with a partner” is one of the fundamental rules of pool safety. Tell your teen that there will be consequences if he or she breaks this important rule.

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