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Take a Look at Common Pool Chemicals - TMC Custom Pools

Pool chemicals prevent bacteria, algae, and other nasty substances from growing in your pool water. When you own a swimming pool, it will be your responsibility to keep your pool chemicals balanced at all times. If your chemicals fall out of balance, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when you take a dip in your pool. To assist you with your swimming pool maintenance, here is a look at some of the most common pool chemicals.

Water Balancers

Your pool’s water should not be too acidic or alkaline. To maintain the proper pH balance in your pool, you can use some of the most common water balancing chemicals. If your pool’s pH is too low, you may need to use Sodium Carbonate powder. Other chemicals, such as Sodium Bisulfate or Muriatic Acid, are used to lower the pH of the pool.

Chemical Sanitizers

Using chemical sanitizers is very important for keeping your pool water fresh and clean. For many pool owners, chlorine is a go-to chemical sanitizing agent. If you or your loved ones are sensitive to chlorine, you can consider using alternative sanitizers, such as bromine or biguanide.


Algae is a green substance that grows in untreated pool water. If you open up your pool’s cover to find that your water is completely green, chances are that you have an algae problem. To treat algae in your pool, you can use chemicals like quaternary ammonia. If you are battling an ongoing algae issue, polyquats may help to restore your water to proper balance.

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