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Why Swimming Is the Perfect Workout for Seniors - TMC Custom Pools

It’s important to work out as you get older, but it also tends to get a little bit more difficult. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for people of all ages, and it’s got added benefits for seniors. There’s less pressure on the muscles and joints, the exercise itself can be fun and refreshing, and soaking in the hot tub is good for recovery. Here’s why swimming is the perfect workout for seniors.

Less Pressure

People tend to deal with more aches and pains as they get older, which can make it difficult to exercise without the risk of injury. Swimming is the perfect solution. Since people are buoyant and being in the water takes away the element of gravity, there’s no risk of falling down or putting too much pressure on bad joints. This gives seniors a comfortable way to exercise and boost their health without the threat of an injury.

Refreshing Exercise

You work up a sweat when you get a good workout in, especially during the summertime. When you work out in the pool, you get to stay refreshed even while you’re exercising. Swimming is a great way to get yourself in shape and beat the heat at the same time, and the refreshment helps you stay comfortable while you promote your health.

Swimming and Soaking

If you have a pool and a hot tub, you can work both into your exercise routine. Hot tub jets help relax the muscles and soothe soreness. This keeps the aches and pains away and helps you rejuvenate so you can hit the pool for more laps tomorrow.


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