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How to Select a Water Feature for Your Pool - TMC Custom Pools

A new swimming pool is the perfect addition to your backyard. By working with a team of experienced pool builders, you will be able to create a pool that is customized to the layout of your backyard. To transform your pool into a stunning backyard retreat, you can include some special water features in your design. Here are some tips for selecting a water feature for your pool.

Consider Pool Size

Pool size is an important factor to consider when you are selecting a water feature. While some features are suitable for all sizes of pools, other elements may work best in a smaller or larger pool design. A small pool may pair well with a compact element, such as a tanning shelf or small fountain. Waterfalls, slides, and elaborate fountains should be reserved for larger pool designs.

Evaluate Your Materials

Your pool materials can also impact the types of features that will be appropriate for your design. A custom waterfall, for example, will work in a pool that is constructed out of concrete. If you are interested in installing a new spa or rock grotto, you may want to ask whether your current pool lining and deck can support these features.

Think About Your Activities

New pool features can impact your activities in and around the pool. Parents may want to explore family friendly features, such as water slides, jets, or waterfalls. If you are planning to use your pool to relax after a long day, you may want to choose serene features, such as trickling streams, spillways, or sheer cascades.

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