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What Should You Look for in a Pool Contractor? - TMC Custom Pools

Finding the right pool contractor should not be difficult, but it will require some searching. There are certain features that a good pool contractor must have before designing and building your pool. A contractor must have the right certifications, plenty of experience, and great customer reviews. Take a look below for more information.


Any type of contractor must have the necessary certifications and insurances before performing work on your property. You must be able to trust your pool contractor—and all the men and women working with the company—to uphold certain safety habits and standards set forth by governing boards in the pool building and construction industries. Insurance is necessary as well, because it can prevent any liability to you in the event someone is hurt or damages your property.


Experience is always an important attribute in a pool contractor. Building a pool requires knowledge and experience of building practices, electricity, water, landscaping, and design. You must work with a pool building team that has the necessary experience to understand your personal vision and execute it in an efficient, safe, and quick manner. Ask how long your contractor has been in the business of building pools and how many pools he or she has built or renovated. This information can help you decide on the right contractor for the job.


One of the best ways to find a pool contractor is to ask others for recommendations. Once you have at least three contractors to contact, ask each for customers to call. You can contact these past customers to ask them about their experience and if they enjoy the finished product. In addition to necessary factors, like a building estimate and certifications, this information can help you choose the right pool contractor for you.


Look for the Arizona pool contractor with over 25 years in the business and thousands of satisfied customers. TMC Custom Pools and Renovations can help you design, plan, and build the pool of your dreams. Give us a call at (520) 797-0168 or (480) 545-7665 to schedule a consultation.