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How to Host a Safe Pool Party for Kids - TMC Custom Pools

If you’ve recently had a new pool installed, your kids probably can’t wait to host their first pool party. Pool parties can be safe, provided certain precautions are followed. The number one rule is that the kids must be continuously supervised.

Learn CPR.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can save lives. It’s a smart idea to have at least one adult present at the pool party who knows how to perform CPR. Even children can learn how to do chest compressions. Consider looking for a Red Cross CPR class near you, and enrolling your family members.

Set the ground rules.

When the guests arrive for the pool party, you should go over the ground rules before anyone is allowed into the pool area. In addition, post the rules in a conspicuous place. Let the kids know that a first-time offense will result in a warning, and that a subsequent violation of the rules will mean a time-out. Some examples of pool party rules include:

  • No running near the pool.
  • No roughhousing in or near the pool.
  • No breath-holding contests.
  • No grabbing onto anyone else in the pool.
  • No jumping or diving into the pool unless the landing area is completely free of other people.

Establish a supervision schedule.

Team up with the other parents to establish a supervision schedule. Take shifts of 20 to 30 minutes each. During each shift, the supervisor should not be occupied with any other tasks or distractions. It only takes a few seconds for an accident to occur. Ideally, another parent will stay near the supervisor during each shift. If an emergency occurs, one person can call 911, while the other pulls the child out of the water.

Prepare for an emergency.

In addition to the party décor, you should have a couple of emergency preparedness items near the pool. Have a cordless phone within reach of the supervising adult at all times. There should also be a flotation device or two nearby.


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