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How to Choose the Shape of Your New Pool - TMC Custom Pools

After making the exciting decision to install a pool, the next step is to focus on designing it. A good place to start with your design is picking the shape you want your pool to be. Your pool builder and designer can create a pool to your exact specifications, so you are not limited to the traditional rectangle or kidney shapes. Your options for pool shapes are nearly limitless, so here are some things to consider that will help you narrow down your selection.

What size will your pool be?

Size and shape go hand in hand when designing your pool. The size of the space in which you want to put your pool could limit the shapes you can choose, and some shapes may help you maximize a small area or fill a larger space better than others. For example, a kidney-shaped pool maximizes the square footage in which you can swim, so it can be a good option if your space is limited. Rectangular pools take up a lot of room, so if you have a large yard, they can be a good option.

What do you want around your pool?

Part of your pool design will be the outside space around your pool, and the design you choose for that area can impact the shape of the pool. If you simply want a small, simple area for climbing in and out of the water, a rectangular shape may fit the bill. If you want a more elaborate space to allow for pool parties and cookouts, then a free-form shape gives you more freedom to be creative with your design.

How will you use your pool?

If you want to be able to swim laps, then a pool with straight edges, rather than curves, will be ideal. For a family pool, an L-shaped or kidney-shaped pool can be a good fit, since they create natural areas of separation that can be used for shallow, kid-friendly areas.

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