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How Can a Spa Benefit Your Physical Health? - TMC Custom Pools

slide-1Whether you are installing a new pool or renovating an existing one, an in ground spa is an excellent option to consider. Spas are a popular area for outdoor entertaining, but they also offer numerous health benefits as well. Keep reading to discover why adding a spa to your pool is a smart step toward greater wellness for you and your family.

Improve Joint and Back Pain

One of the most popular—and most effective—uses for backyard spas is pain relief. The combination of warm water and jet action is referred to as hydrotherapy, a proven treatment that helps the body heal itself from strain and overuse. Soaking in a spa can help relieve joint pain due to arthritis and sports injuries, as well as the lower back pain that is common among adults of all ages. Rather than spending money and time traveling to a physical therapist or other location to receive hydrotherapy, you can enjoy the benefits of this treatment in your own backyard with a personal spa.

Relieve Stress and Tension

Mental stress can affect your ability to focus on important tasks or enjoy your leisure time. Stress can also lead to physical reactions, particularly muscle tightness, pain, and headaches. Spending time in your spa is a great way to help your mind and body unwind, relieving the physical tension associated with stress while providing time to yourself to relax and clear your mind. Soaking in a spa has even been associated with an improved ability to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep through the night for better mental and physical health.

Adding an attached or detached spa is a great way to increase the value of your property and enjoy the many health benefits of owning a pool and spa. If you’d like to find out more about how TMC Custom Pools and Renovations can help you improve your health and fitness with a pool or spa in southern Arizona, please call us @ 1.866.658.7665 today or take a look through our comprehensive website.