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Common Mistakes Owners Make When Caring for Their Pool - TMC Custom Pools

When you install a new pool on your property, it is important to understand that your pool requires routine maintenance, cleaning, and care. If you neglect to clean out your pool or balance its chemicals, you may find that your pool water is dirty or contaminated. New pool owners often make maintenance mistakes when they are just getting started with caring for their pools. Let’s take a look at some of the most common pool maintenance mistakes that should always be avoided.

Forgetting to Balance the Chemicals

After your new pool has been installed, your swimming pool contractors will take the time to balance the chemistry it its water. Swimming pool chemicals will naturally dilute and become unbalanced over time. To make sure that your swimming pool water is safe and sanitary for swimming, take the time to balance its chemicals at least once every week.

Neglecting the Skimmer Basket

New swimming pools are equipped with skimmer baskets, which are designed to filter out leaves, hair, and other types of debris that can contaminate the pool water. If you are just getting used to maintaining your pool, make sure to routinely check and clean out your skimmer basket. Without regular cleaning, your skimmer basket can easily become clogged.

Letting the Water Level Drop Too Low

To keep your pool in safe condition, you will need to keep its water at the recommended level. Letting your pool water drop too low can cause damage to your swimming pool pump and filter. If your pool water continually drops, you may have a leak somewhere in your system.

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