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Debunking the Myths About Pool Renovation - TMC Custom Pools

There are several myths about pool building and renovation that can lead homeowners to avoid enjoying a pool. Homeowners who believe that pool renovation costs too much or will lead to future damages may end up spending more money and time when their old pool fails. Continue reading to learn more about the myths behind pool renovation.

Myth #1: It costs too much.

Many homeowners resist having pools built or renovated due to the high cost associated with pools. However, renovating a pool can save homeowners money throughout the course of pool ownership. Pool renovation should include improving or replacing outdated equipment and worn materials. These replacements can equal a significant savings in power and water costs. In the end, renovating a pool will likely be the smart way to save money rather than letting an old pool soak up costs.

Myth #2: It’s not worth the effort.

Another reason homeowners may resist renovating their pools concerns the efforts of planning and building the pool. Homeowners may be concerned with disruptions by construction workers and the amount of time renovations may take. Working with a skilled pool renovator is the best way to ensure this process requires minimal effort and disruption. Accomplished renovators have the necessary equipment to plan and execute a quick and effective pool renovation.

Myth #3: It will lead to constant repairs.

Some homeowners may be of the mind that renovating a pool will lead to more future repairs than necessary. The truth, however, is that pool renovation will prevent the need for repairs and costly equipment replacements. When a pool renovation is scheduled, any necessary repairs and replacements can be performed at the same time. This process will revitalize an old pool and make it sturdier and better-equipped for the future.


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