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Debunking Myths About Swimming - TMC Custom Pools

Swimming is a popular pastime in the Southwest. It’s the perfect activity for cooling off, having fun with friends and family, and getting a great workout. Just remember to always wait an hour after eating before you get in the pool. But wait… is this just a myth? And what about the idea that you don’t have to worry about hydration while swimming for exercise? Let’s take a closer look at these persistent myths about swimming.

Myth: Always wait an hour after eating before swimming.

For decades, children have been warned that they must wait a full 60 minutes after eating anything before going into the water again. Otherwise, kids were told they would get cramps and drown. This myth warns parents against letting kids dip so much as a toe into the water before the full hour expires. Fortunately, this myth is nothing more than that—a myth. It’s probably not advisable to go swimming if you’ve just eaten a huge meal, but you’re not likely to get paralyzing cramps and drown.

Myth: You don’t need to drink water while swimming for exercise.

Another myth about swimming is that it isn’t necessary to drink water while you’re exercising in the pool. But swimming is like any other form of exercise. It elevates the body temperature, which causes the body to sweat and lose both water and electrolytes. Swimmers just don’t notice they’re sweating because it’s immediately washed away. Keep a bottle of water near the pool and take frequent sips while you’re swimming laps.

Myth: Low-impact exercises like swimming aren’t intensive.

Swimming is great exercise for people with joint problems like arthritis. Because it’s low impact, swimming doesn’t stress the joints the way running does. But this doesn’t mean swimming isn’t intense exercise. It’s actually a whole-body workout that can burn fat and sculpt the muscles.

If you love to swim for exercise or recreation, it’s time to think about getting your own backyard swimming pool. TMC Custom Pools and Renovations has design consultants who can create the perfect oasis in your backyard. Call our offices in Tucson or Phoenix at (520) 797-0168.