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Classic Features of Roman-Style Pools - TMC Custom Pools

Roman-style pools bring classic design to your backyard. They combine the elegance of Roman design with the modern conveniences you expect in a residential swimming pool. This upscale look gives your outside space an instant upgrade and works particularly well with neoclassical home designs, though they can be integrated into virtually any space. Here is a closer look at this popular style.


Roman-style pools are rectangular in shape. However, they are distinct for their sharp corners and accents. It is typical to have one semi-circular end, or in some cases, two. This is called a Roman end and usually features steps that can be used for entering and exiting the pool. This area is also sometimes used for a tanning ledge. Although the corner cuts are usually pointed and distinct, they can also be gently rounded, according to your design preferences.


The decking is typically ornate with Roman-style pools and often features architectural elements such as pedestals, statues, and columns. Marble is the traditional choice for decking material with a Roman-style pool, but while it looks stunning it is also extremely expensive. Travertine is another option that can mimic the appearance of marble at a much more affordable price. Both types of pavers will need to be tumbled so that they are not slippery and treated to prevent water intrusion. Another option is to skip the pool deck entirely or on all but one side and simply let grass surround the pool.

Design Limitations

When considering a Roman-style pool, it is important to keep certain design limitations in mind. For example, if you like to swim laps, this style may not be the right choice for you. It is also best suited to large yards, since the corners and design features take up a significant amount of space.

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